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Uttarakhand, a northern Indian state, is home to some of the most beautiful destinations of the world. Also known as abode of Gods and Goddesses, it is a state which will captivate you with its enthralling beauty and mystic charm. Uttarakhand is one of the most popular states of India that attracted the tourists from all over the world for adventure holidays which is surrounded by the hilly terrains of Himalayan region. Uttarakhand offers some of the best opportunities for adventure sports like skiing, river rafting, mountaineering, trekking, paragliding and so on. Every year tourists throng this beautiful hill state in huge numbers for the simple reason that it is in Uttarakhand, they find their dream of an ideal holiday being fulfilled.


India has got pretty good options as far as water sports is concerned. And if you do not fear water, then you have got real exciting watery packages, which include White Water Rafting, Water Skiing, Canoeing and Kayaking, Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Angling and Fishing.

About the options that you can have for water sports in India, well, just keep on counting! There are the island destination of Andaman & Nicobar in the Bay of Bengal and Lakshwadeep in the Arabian Sea.

Then the best mainland choice for water adventures is Goa, where amateurs can also get professional help to get the watery taste. The thrill seekers can try out the Ganges and its tributaries in the north for river rafting.  

Himalayas are spread all over the Northern top of India . Trekking amidst the Himalayas is a really adventurous. Himalayas encompasses the major part of Uttarakhand. Uttarakhand (Garhwal & Kumaon ) region has many snow covered peaks some of them above 6,500 meters, these peaks serve as an excellent destination for trekkers.

This region is yet not fully explored and has offers real natural beauty of pure wilderness, Himalayan culture , alpine meadows, rare high altitude flora & fauna, etc. Trekking in these unexplored valleys of pure wilderness in Uttarakhand allows you to get an insight into the lifestyle of the mountain people, their cuisines, arts, handicrafts and much more than you can ever imagine.


Uttarakhand with its idyllic mountain resort offers exquisite camping facilities for a visitor. Thick with rare and exquisite flora and fauna, Uttarakhand is also a camping paradise. Among the pine, fir, birch and rhododendron trees, one finds ample scope of escapade, especially from the humdrum of daily life.

Since tropical heat sometimes becomes intolerable, people gather in Uttarakhand for a Summer Camping, where songs and dances echo their ecstasy. The mountains in the background and the pines seem to sway with these cheerful people, and a scene beyond expression is created.


 Camping  Itineraries
 Shivpuri Jungle Camp



Enjoy the splendors of tiger country on Uttarakhand wildlife circuit tours with Uttarakhand Holidays wildlife tours and tour packages.

Scour forest trails in the jungles of Himalayan foothills on Uttarakhand wildlife circuit tours with Uttarakhand Holidays wildlife tour packages. Meet the tigers of Corbett; see enchanting scenic splendor at Rajaji National Park and spot rare Himalayan flora on Nanda Devi National park tours while on a tour to the Uttarakhand Wildlife circuit.

National parks, wildlife sanctuaries, wildlife reserves and nature rich forests located within the Uttarakhand wildlife circuit offer nature lovers an unending nature trove that is a constant source of delightful surprises, natural glory and rare wildlife.


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